George Gross, Real Estate Broker, #00442071

Sonoma, Marin Counties, Southern California, Chicago, Spain, Germany

George has been a real estate broker for 40 years and has worked with

Charlene Schnall on real estate brokerage and management in Northern California since 1990.  Originally from Chicago, he relocated to Los Angeles in the mid 1970’s after serving in the military.  He had several real estate offices in Los Angeles as well as a real estate management company.  George owned and operated income residential, commercial  and industrial property in Los Angeles as well as agricultural property in the mid-west and income residential property in suburban Chicago.  Beginning in the early 1980’s he also became active in Southern Spain on historic, 
income residential and conservation properties. 
As part of relocating to Sonoma County in the early 1990’s he owned and operated ranches, hospitality and environmental preserve properties in Sonoma County. 
He is currently the volunteer general manager for Chanslor Wildlife, LLC, a conservation, recreation, and environmental education organization as well as Visiting Artists, LLC in Healdsburg.   

Call George at (707) 494-5749 or e-mail